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Top up your energy

Invent, a leading company in the energy savings sector, has come up with an innovative electricity and gas solution that allows for great energy savings. Over the past 10 years, the cost of electricity and gas has increased by 50%. Today, Italian families are spending about € 2,200 per year. This means nearly € 70,000 in 20 years, considering the price increase over the past 10 years, about half of which affecting the raw material alone (the rest are fees and taxes). But is it possible to cut down these costs, at least on the raw material? The answer is yes, thanks to Invent, a leading manufacturer of high-quality and energy-saving photovoltaic modules, and its patented RicaricaLuce and RicaricaGas top-up cards. Invent’s patented photovoltaic bent tiles has earned the company an award from the Italian Ministry of the Environment. Now, Invent is not only a leading manufacturer but an electricity and gas provider too. What are the advantages? For example, you can buy a climate control system and not pay for the electricity (raw material) it uses, thanks to the RicaricaLuce card, or you can buy a boiler and not pay the gas (raw material) it uses for a few years, thanks to the RicaricaGas card. Invent is now accepting applications for business collaborations with interesting earning opportunities.

INFO: Freephone number (Italy only) 800304042; www.ecocasalucegas.it

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