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Made in Italy Technology and Design converge in an explosion of Q.olor ®

A huge, worldwide success for the Invent patent: a colour photovoltaic panel with invisible circuitry, at the service of environmentally friendly and customised architectonic solutions

State-of-the-art technology meets Italian design: the creator of such a potent alchemy is Invent Srl, the Venice-based company which is making headway throughout the world with its revolutionary photovoltaic modules.
Forget about the traditional concept of photovoltaic panels: thanks to the InvisibleCell ® patent, Invent produces photovoltaic modules with invisible electric circuitry. Another Invent patent, the rest is history.

Q.olor ® is the range of truly coloured photovoltaic panels which are paving the way towards a world of new photovoltaic solutions, transforming them into more than just a technical device for clean energy generation. Veritable architectonic components, in perfect harmony with nature and the surrounding area.

Photovoltaic solutions and the environment: a marriage of colours

Invent Q.olor ® is available in two versions: the “Full Colours” range is specifically designed for buildings located in special environments which must comply with stringent landscape requirements. Earthenware, Sand and Brown are designed to guarantee ecosustainability, for minimal architectonic impact in historic centres, coastal and mountain areas, where integration and harmony with surroundings is required.

The Q.olor ® “Iridescent Colours” range has been conceived for more modern residential and industrial contexts, strongly and distinctively conveying their identity: sparkling Purple, Gold, Orange and Dark Purple confer a glamorous character upon buildings looking for an eccentric and high-impact touch; Teal and Green reflect nature and convey the movement of crystal-clear waters and tree tops.
For businesses which select it in their own company colours, Q.olor ® is also an extra element for expressing brand identity.

Certified performance: resistance and reliability

Over the years, extensive investments made by the company in research and development have culminated in patents, including those for InvisibleCell ® and Q.olor ®, all the while ceaselessly striving to improve performance and reliability.
Q.olor ® consists of 60 class A photovoltaic cells made of high-power polycrystalline silicone, certified to resist extreme temperatures and adverse climate conditions.

25% thicker glass compared to traditional panels means 50% more resistance to mechanical stress and 20% more resistance to hail.

Made in Italy Technology and Design: an international success

Following on from extensive appreciation at WFES, the World Future Energy Summit, Abu Dhabi, in January, Invent is now taking Europe and America by storm.

Invent Q.olor ® has also roused exceptional levels of interest in Japan, Angola, Mexico and the UAE, proof of just how attractive made in Italy technology and design are throughout the world.

For Invent Srl 2019 got off to a great start and is continuing in the best possible way, in a key sector for the present and future: photovoltaic technology.

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