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Invent creates the walkable photovoltaic tile, multiplying clean energy production

Whenever photovoltaic panels are mentioned we think of “classic” modules, fitted onto building rooftops.
But the sun’s energy reaches us everywhere: it illuminates our homes, the walls of commercial buildings, monuments, it caresses roads and squares, bringing colour to gardens.

What if we too were able to capture this energy, everywhere?

This objective has inspired the creation of Floor ®, the latest invention by Invent, the Veneto-based company which is revolutionising the photovoltaic world with its very own creations.

Floor ®: photovoltaic from under your feet.

Floor® is a walkable photovoltaic tile which thanks to a new technology patented by Invent, enables the installation of photovoltaic technology in flooring.

Thanks to this innovative product, the surface area dedicated to the generation of green energy expands and embraces previously unconsidered places.

Floor® by Invent transforms inert flooring into live and active systems which capture the sun’s rays to generate clean energy.

Instead of classic flooring, made of asphalt, cement, tiles or slabs of various materials, it is now possible to install the photovoltaic tile system Invent Floor® , bringing flooring to life and transforming the ground beneath our feet into an additional energy source: energy from the sun, which now also comes from the floor.

Advantages of Floor ®: new surfaces for the creation of energy

Floor® by Invent enormously multiplies possibilities for the generation of clean energy: anyone with insufficient roof surface area for photovoltaic plant installation can now embrace a green approach and turn their own home or company into an ecosustainable place, in harmony with nature.

This is also the mission of Invent, which with this latest invention aims to create an additional opportunity for coming into contact with nature and for respectfully harvesting the energy which the sun so generously bestows upon the Earth. With the aim of creating a new world, at last inspired by harmony with and respect for the environment: the Invent vision.

Fitting photovoltaic tiles on the floor not only enables the more fruitful and fertile exploitation of a surface area which extends beyond that of the roof, it also means greater accessibility, which translates into convenient installation and maintenance and therefore, potentially, into lower installation, cleaning and maintenance costs.

A photovoltaic system which is more ductile, more accessible, more adaptable and more inviting: doing good for the environment, for a better quality of life.

Floor ® Technology: nothing is left to chance

Technically, the photovoltaic flooring system Floor® is a floating floor as it is installed above ground level with the use of an adjustable mechanical support, raising it 3.5 to 5 cm above the ground.

This creates a space for the installation of electrical connections, guaranteeing easy access for inspection, maintenance and intervention in the future, compared to a normal system installed on the roof.

The Floor® flooring system consists of glass surface 70 x 103 cm photovoltaic tiles which can be composed and laid as desired. This means you are free to focus on the tiles when designing and planning, as once they have been laid, each one will come to life, generating energy.

The Floor® flooring system is also fully walkable: tiles are made of a special tempered glass with anti-slip treatment, are built to withstand 200 kg/m2 and will soon be available in a version with an even greater load-bearing capacity.

Each photovoltaic tile contains 24 cells and provides a power of 100/120 W, depending on colour, with a 20 mm thick glass, without aluminium frames. Flush-fitting glass enables greater freedom of modulation and creation for the assembly of panels, with superior aesthetic results.

During assembly, contacts are connected to an optimisation system which improves module performances in case of shading. The optimiser, based on the shifting of shade across areas, modulates single-panel productivity, according to exposure to the sun.

This technological feature enables lit panels to maintain 100% output, even while those in the shade generate less energy. As soon as panels in the shade are illuminated, energy production is remodulated, until 100% achieved, once more.

Design Floor ®: beauty meets technology

Floor® has arrived to enrich the already well-established range of Invent design photovoltaic modules for fitting onto the roofs and walls of buildings, capable of transforming sunlight into clean energy for humans, providing high aesthetic value and, for businesses, expressing identifying brand characteristics.

Floor® does not compromise on design and aesthetic impact: it is available in six finishes which can be selected to ensure harmony with the surrounding environment or own brand identity; they can also be mixed and matched to create moods, graphic effects and patterns.

Green has been created to harmoniously blend with gardens, green areas and natural environments: paths around the home, city parks, as well as for rural tourism, the countryside and mountain areas.

The delicate aquamarine of Teal is reflected in sky blue and mirrored in crystal clear stretches of sea and lake water, in harmony with buildings characterised by special styles.

Gray is perfect for installations at office and retail facilities: a modern and minimal touch which enhances the elegance of work and leisure buildings.

Gold is the glamorous touch which illuminates the entire Floor ® range: a resplendent match for the iridescent whiteness of buildings and monuments, naturally matching with sand or burnt earth, sparkling in retail or office premises.

Brown is the ideal choice in situations in which preserving natural features is a must, such as mountain villages, where it seamlessly integrates with natural wood buildings which characterise the environment.

Last but not least, Black exudes all the colour’s timeless elegance to exalt everything surrounding tiles in this colour and to unleash the greatest possible amount of energy.

Tiles can be fitted in single-colour arrangements or in infinite compositions. Different laying and finishing methods enable the creation of designer installations which are always customised, such as mosaic, herringbone or other patterns and elaborations expressing own brand identity.

Floor ® Functionality: when the night lights up

Invent Floor ® compositions never stay in the shadows!

A led lighting system ingeniously fitted in installation profiles will further enhance the system’s aesthetic value by night too, guaranteeing maximum functionality for photovoltaic surfaces.

Paths, walkways and entrances will be perfectly accessible and usable thanks to leds which light the way, softly accompanying users.

The Floor ® Revolution: combining science and beauty

The new Floor ® system can be installed outside on private residential and business properties as well as in public areas, such as shopping centres, trade fairs and squares, etc., infinitely multiplying possibilities for clean energy generation.

Floor ® is perfect for replacing a large range of floorings and is destined to make an elegant entrance in our collective imagination, with its solutions and the sheer passion of its mission. All this without ever compromising on aesthetics and functionality: yet again Invent has created a technologically advanced product which seamlessly combines scientific innovation and the tradition of Made in Italy design.

A product that will change many places of our day-to-day living and our very lives, for the better.

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