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Vision and Mission



Tomorrow according Invent

We imagine a future in which businesses can become the engine of social progress, through the promotion of cultural and social activities that can generate concrete benefits for the community.
We dream of a world in which man lives in harmony with the surrounding environment and nature, and where the young generations possess all the resources suitable to assume their role in society.
We believe that ingenuity and creativity have the important task of devising solutions that guarantee everyone a better quality of life. We believe that the only truly viable direction is that which leads to technological, economic and social development while respecting the goods that nature has made available to us.
We believe that this development can only take place in a society animated by solid ethical and cultural values ​​and interpersonal relationships capable of generating a strong sense of belonging.


We invest in the future

For us at Invent, the future is not a nuanced line on the horizon but a present that is better and more possible, to be conquered through courageous choices. For this reason we have decided to invest in photovoltaic energy as early as 2006, when this sector was still little known in Italy.

In 2015 we decided to supply electricity throughout the country, becoming also light and gas operators. With Invent, the energy used by our users today is 100% green.

Always anticipating the possible directions of technological evolution is part of the philosophy of Invent, constantly looking for solutions that can improve the well-being of man and the health of the environment around us.



Solutions for a better world

Invent’s mission is to create integrated and eco-sustainable energy solutions for individuals and companies, with the aim of improving the living comfort and the protection of the natural environment around us. Respect for the environment, trust in creativity and human ingenuity and the propensity to invest in innovative solutions guide our daily choices. We are committed to creating products that combine the most advanced technology with the most sophisticated design, to achieve the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic value.

At the same time we work to offer our customers a single operator that in addition to managing the home systems also provides the energy to power them.

Together with the development of our core business, we invest a portion of the company’s turnover in training and cultural projects aimed at improving the socio-cultural fabric of the local community. A portion of the income derived from our training activities is donated to charity, in order to amplify the positive impact of these projects.