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Invent For You

Driving progress

“Invent for You is a division of Invent srl, a company committed to developing and manufacturing alternative energy systems.

Notoriously, the main goal of a company is to make profits by producing goods and providing services. Without neglecting this principle, we at Invent believe that a company must operate in an ethical setting, based on values where products and profits drive progress at the service of the wellbeing of individuals and communities. That’s why our company has created the Invent for You division. Our aim is to use education and cultural dissemination to help create a more mature society, where human relations are always more important than things.”

Sante Bortoletto – Invent energy in action

Spreading the love

The Invent for You project aims at contributing to the cultural development of the community in which it operates.

This is an approach that any other enterprise can undertake. That’s why we put our knowledge and organisational skills at the service of other companies who would like to operate in synergy with us to give a helping hand to their communities.