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Intelligence, technology and art by the Renaissance genius converge, bringing to life an extraordinary photovoltaic masterpiece, built by Invent for Energy Tecno

Is it possible for 500 years to go by in a flash, at the speed of light, only to be resurrected in this day and age?  Yes! Because light and genius are reborn.

The genius of Leonardo Da Vinci, five hundred years after his death, is resurrected in the genius of Invent, the company located in Noventa di Piave (VE) which draws inspiration from the Master of the Renaissance to achieve the unprecedented integration of technology, design and nature.

Naturally the light we are talking about is the Sun’s, which Leonardo studied and felt was capable of bringing warmth to the Earth. Now Invent, with its patents and continuous investments into research and development, has succeeded in capturing its essence and transforming it into energy which is useful for mankind, 500 years on.

Wholesome, clean, natural, environmentally friendly energy, which respects the beauty of nature, generated by Invent photovoltaic panels.

In this union of intent, this twinning of souls over the centuries, even the importance of beauty is fully embraced: Invent draws inspiration from Leonardo’s artistic virtuosity, bringing art to photovoltaic solutions. In the words of the company’s motto, bringing the beauty of the sun to light.

United in art and ecosustainability

Invent Srl and its partner Energy Tecno Spa are committed to spreading green and ecosustainable energy. A common mission inspired by a desire to preserve the beauty of natural environments.

Beauty and nature are two profoundly close worlds which permeate choices and products by both companies. This is why the decision by Energy Tecno to power the fascinating farmstead in Puglia it has chosen as its new company headquarters, is based on more than just state-of-the-art technology: art was a decisive factor.

Photovoltaic solutions become works of art

Thanks to the InvisibleCell ® patent, technology by Invent which enables the building of photovoltaic panels with invisible circuitry and a full black surface, each photovoltaic module becomes a blank canvass just waiting to be painted on and customised.

At sunset, a LED lighting system, fitted in the frame of panels, unveils the work of art created on this unusual “canvass”. Thanks to Design Invent panels, the company is enabled as a painter of its own work, an artist of its message.

As a tribute to Leonardo Da Vinci and his brilliance, Energy Tecno chose to “paint” one of the most well-known and extraordinary works by the Florentine genius: the Vitruvian Man, onto its very own photovoltaic installation, consisting of 40 solar panels with Invent InvisibleCell ® technology.

Mankind and the universe unite

In Invent’s work for Energy Tecno, the perfect proportions of the man drawn by Leonardo is immersed in a starry sky, in an ideal reflection with the cosmos, towards which the building directs its gaze.

“The universe is in us” is the phrase on photovoltaic panels which reminds us of how mankind is indissolubly linked with, immersed in and absorbed by nature and the cosmos, of how humans are an integral part of the universe and the universe is an integral part of every single one of us (the Renaissance principle of the man-microcosm reflected in the universe-macrocosm, and vice versa).

This is also the vision of Invent and Energy Tecno, which envision and desire a future in which mankind, also through technology, is fully integrated and in harmony with the natural environment. A future in which technology, art and philosophy are seamlessly blended with the activity of humans, just like in the noble mind of Leonardo Da Vinci, culminating in extraordinary works which respect nature profoundly.

A green work of art

The “Leonardo Da Vinci” system is a one-of-a-kind project in the world, of immense value: an example of how a photovoltaic system can become a work of art, a collector’s piece which adds artistic value to the field of technology and increases in value over time, just like a painting.

All this without ever compromising on functionality and performance, on the contrary: thanks to patented Invent technology, both are superior compared to other products on the market (25% thicker glass, +25% resistance to hail, +50% resistance to mechanical stress).

A message of value

For companies that cherish the environment, Design photovoltaic solutions by Invent present an opportunity which is unique in a number of ways. On the one hand, in terms of energy expenditure: the company becomes self-sufficient and with clean energy sourced from nature, is kind to nature.

On the other hand, brand identity is strongly affirmed: photovoltaic panels, as in the case of the Vitruvian Man, are fully customisable.

Lastly, the most important reason. Embracing these solutions means becoming a   spokesperson of a universal message of mankind’s respect for and harmony with nature, a celebration of mankind’s intelligence for the noblest of causes: the perfect synthesis of the life of humans, their technological and artistic creations, with nature and the cosmos.

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