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Easy, beautiful, and cuts down the electricity bill. Ècomodo® is the revolution in photovoltaic system design, ensuring elegance and energy savings for twenty years. An Invent solution. Bauhaus architects abided by this principle and Apple even made it its dogma: design must help improve people’s lives to reach their hearts. And the same goes for photovoltaic panels, which now, thanks to Invent, are not just objects for innovators, but also objects that makes everyone’s life easier. The concept is very simple: a decorated black panel that lights up, quick connection, and a new utility that cuts down your electricity bill. Invent will take care of everything. All you have to do is enjoy the benefits provided by this patented system that goes by the name of Ècomodo®.
Ècomodo® is a micro photovoltaic system (1.6 sq.m) that you can install in any part of the house. It is fitted with Alterna technology, which does not require electrical panels or external inverters to deliver clean energy. A power cord is all you need (figure 1: Ècomodo: the new micro photovoltaic system. External unit.). This way, when you decide to get a photovoltaic system, you will no longer have to go through long bureaucratic processes. You can start generating AC right away. It’s that easy. And you can install the system anywhere in no time. The in-home control unit, connected to your home’s meter, manages and detects actual consumption. A tablet with the E-Gate® app allows you to monitor everything remotely.
Simple and beautiful, just like functional, revolutionary design should be. The all-black modules fit perfectly into the home. Their decorated glass lights up at night creating a beautiful play of light (figure 2: Ècomodo: controlled through the E-Gate app. In-home unit). Invent has developed Invisible Cell, the technology that allows for all-black panels, while the LED strip lights on the frame and manifold, which charge during the day, transform them into a stylish statement. Mandalas, reproductions of famous works of art, peace symbols, or even your favourite football team’s crest! You can even have a name or a sentence engraved, thanks to the Ècomodo Exclusive® range.
Easy, beautiful, and allows for great savings. Because that’s the true innovation. In fact, Invent provides the electricity, allowing you to cut down your electricity bill. When you buy a micro photovoltaic system and choose Invent as a provider, you will receive a RicaricaLuce® top-up card, which gives you a discount on your kWh. In other words, you will be generating your own electricity, and for the needs that can’t be covered by your system, you can have an Invent discount. In the same way, if you buy an Invent boiler and choose Invent as your gas provider, you will receive a RicaricaGas® top-up card. EnergyGate® is Invent’s electricity and gas solution that combines several discounts, allowing you to zero your bills for a few years.

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