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Ècomodo between art and design

Invent’s Energygate®, the system that is revolutionising domestic life with great savings on utility bills, is now even simpler and more efficient, thanks to the tablet with the innovative E-Gate© application for immediate and timely consumption management. The Ècomodo® art collections are another novelty. Invent – a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic panels – has come up with the ideal solution to ensure energy savings. Now, Invent is also an electricity and gas service provider, which translates into many advantages for users. How does it work? With EnergyGate®, all those who buy a micro photovoltaic system and choose Invent as a utility provider (electricity and gas) will receive the RicaricaLuce® and RicaricaGas® cards. These cards will ensure discounts expressed in kWh for electricity and scm for gas. This way, in addition to the advantages of the micro system, these cards will reset your electricity bill for a long period, with net savings for up to two years on gas, and up to twenty years on electricity with a minimum initial fee, which is recovered in just two years. With Ècomodo® the in-home unit consists of a control unit to be connected to the outdoor unit and the house’s meter. Moreover, it is equipped with an interactive tablet with the E-Gate® installed. In the basic version, the control unit – which is the core of the system – provides consumption-related data. The more advanced version monitors electricity consumption with the same reading accuracy as the provider’s meter. This way, you can avoid nasty surprises in the bill. Ècomodo® is truly unique. There are several collections available, from artistic mandala representations to the reproduction of works of famous artists, such as Picasso and Chagall. There are also collections dedicated to football clubs for sports fanatics. By choosing the MyEcomodo range, you can personalise your system as you wish. You can create your own Ècomodo® by having your name or the name of your children or loved one engraved. In some versions, you can even have your favourite aphorism engraved. This way, Ècomodo® becomes an exclusive piece of art and design.

E-Gate©, tapping into the revolution
Home energy consumption always under control
The E-Gate app allows you to monitor electricity and gas consumption (optional) periodically and in real time. The data provided are also analysed by Invent, who can recommend the right way to optimise the use of energy at home based on habits and lifestyle. With this app, you can easily control consumption at home but also, for example, at your beach house or the office. All at the same time without leaving the house.

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