A new photovoltaic concept

The Invent® designer photovoltaic modules are a real revolution in the field of renewable energy, bringing a change to the concept of photovoltaic solar panels. A photovoltaic panel is a uniquely functional product with a low aesthetic value, but now it has become a designer object that can customise walls and roofs of homes, public facilities and company buildings.

Custom artistic compositions

Thanks to the patented InvisibleCell® technology, electrical connections are invisible and the photovoltaic modules are completely black. Just as a painter with a canvas, photovoltaic design allows us to create patterns and graphic motifs directly on the surface of the panels. You can choose amongst the different options available or create a personalised product. When the sun sets, the fixed or intermittent LED lighting system mounted on the frame creates striking lighting and depth visual effects that add a touch of magic to your artistic compositions.

Elegant functionality for your home

These photovoltaic design panels enhance the outer architecture of a home with a variety of decorations: designs or symbols can be customised according to our clients’ specifications. Modules can be mounted onto the roof or on the outside walls of your home to create a solution that meets domestic energy needs, as design and functionality come together.

Eco-sustainable business marketing

With Invent designer photovoltaics, medium and large sized companies will be able to find a solution to two different needs: on the one hand they are optimising energy costs and using renewable energy sources to improve their environmental footprint; on the other hand they have original and elegant supports for company signs mounted on the building. An environmentally friendly solution that improves the company’s image and reputation.

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