fbpx At the Olympic Stadium "Grande Torino" presented the new RicaricaLuce® Torino » Invent srl

At the conference hall of the Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino it was launched by Invent, which since the 2018/2019 season has been supporting the Torino FC as Official Green Energy Partner, the new RicaricaLuce® Torino.

The first to speak was the operational director of Torino FC, Alberto Barile, who presented the new partner in this way: “I would like to thank all those present for being so numerous here. I am happy to do the honors of Invent, which this year it has been joined by us as a partner, a young Italian company that has made green energy its strength, and we immediately liked this company because of its seriousness, organization and perspective. important offer for our fans, we like to create such partnerships “.

Sante Bortoletto, the founder of the company, took the floor now: “For me it is an honor to be here and be part of the great family of Turin. Invent since 2006 seeks beauty in everything he does. We started with a first patent, and even then we talked about ourselves, but today we present the photovoltaic design module to the market.I imagine we see a glass facade of a hotel or stadium that produces energy and communicates something: this is our idea of “Photovoltaic of the future. Today we are also here to present a unique offer of its kind. We have patented a top-up, like a telephone, but in the world of light and gas. Our partnership with Turin allows us to give grenades to the fans a 4000 kwh recharge comes from us, which means we don’t pay light for 15 to 18 months, and all the energy is green and produced by renewable plants, we are happy to give this gift to the quest fans. or great Club “.


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