High-energy savings!

All the advantages provided by EnergyGate in just 1.6 sq.m of space. Wouldn’t you just love to receive an electricity bill that says “There is nothing to pay”? Up to now, traditional photovoltaic systems were the only solution to cut down electricity costs. Let’s take the Smiths as an example. A family of 4 who has invested in a 12-module photovoltaic system keeping their old electricity provider. Thanks to this system, they can generate 58,000 kWh of electricity, which is enough to cover their energy needs for about 20 years. But Mr Smith did not consider two aspects: the decay of the photovoltaic system, which inevitably reduces the energy yield, and the fact that he would continue to pay the bills anyway. That’s right. Because, during the day, Mr Smith will consume no more than 30% of the electricity produced. The rest will be fed back into the grid but, at night-time, that energy will have to be taken off the grid and paid in the bill. Not to mention the fact that the electricity that Mr Smith had fed back into the grid will be paid at much lower tariff than it was purchased. So where have all the savings gone? Luckily, now there’s EnergyGate, which is bringing a true revolution in the energy savings world. Thanks to EnergyGate, Mr Smith can simply install Ècomodo, Invent’s micro photovoltaic system with Alterna technology, which converts sunlight into AC. And, if he chooses Invent as his electricity and gas provider, he will also receive a RicaricaLuce top-up card worth 52,000 kWh (raw material), which added to the energy generated by the micro system, means 58,000 KWh. Now, Mr Rossi really does have an energy reserve for 20 years, without any time constraints. Plus, he will enjoy discounts on his kWh directly in the bill, which means not having to pay the purchase rate. Sound good, doesn’t it? But there’s more. Other advantages include easy installation, no more long bureaucratic processes, minimal aesthetic impact, low maintenance costs, easy disassembly, easy to carry, and an initial investment that can be recovered in less than two years. EnergyGate is indeed taking energy saving to a whole new level!

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