High-power boilers EAGLE

Thanks to the condensation technology, the innovative mixer, the new burner with optimized profile for perfect combustion at all powers, the complete electronic modulating circulator and the modulation range 1:10, to the RANGE RATED certification these boilers guarantee efficiency particularly high over the whole field of work.
Therefore even in the mid-seasons, when the energy needs of the plant is reduced, these boilers guarantee a high energy saving even when working at low power levels. Very high performance compliant with Legislative Decree 192/05 and subsequent amendments.

Choose the solution that best suits your needs.


50K – 70K – 90K – 115K – 160K
  • Stainless steel primary heat exchanger
  • 1:10 modulation ratio
  • IPX5D protection rating
  • Cascade kit
  • INAIL-certified as a modular generator
  • Certified RANGE RATED: the boiler’s output matches the system’s actual needs
  • Microprocessor electronics
  • Low pollutant emissions:
    NOx class 5 (EN483)