That’s what the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas says through its comparison tool.

The Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Gas has provided an extremely useful tool that allows consumers to work their way through the chaos and identify the best electricity and gas offers. All you have to do is click “Find Offers” on the relative page on the Authority’s website to get a list of the main electricity and gas providers ranked from the most affordable to the most expensive.

“We are so proud that Invent’s EnergyGate offers top this special ranking,” said Sante Bortoletto Invent’s CEO. “They are not just the most affordable on the free market, but also extremely competitive in the protected market as well.”

 It’s very simple. Just go on, choose the supply you need (electricity, gas, or electricity and gas) and enter your postal code, typical consumption (e.g. 2700 kWh), and select the “all discounts” option, and voila! All the offers ranked, just like that!

“In such a competitive market, it’s not uncommon to come across providers who are not so ethical and instil doubts on their competitors’ offers, especially when they are more affordable. These doubts are just the result of a commercial interest that aims at directing consumers to one provider rather than another,” continued Bortoletto. “This tool will certainly clarify a few things and dispel any doubts on the offer that best suits the consumer’s needs.”

The figures are continuously updated, so the ranking can change over time. The image shows the ranking as of today, according to which Invent’s EnergyGate is the best offer for both electricity and gas. And the gap with other major Italian providers is very interesting.

One last note: EnergyGate offers are reserved for Invent customers or customers of an authorised Invent partner.

“I think that the Electricity and Gas Authority should advertise this free platform more. I am confident that consumer associations can help spread the word” concluded Bortoletto. “Of course, informing consumers about this opportunity is a goal to pursue. End users will find this tool extremely useful for making their way through the various offers and identifying the best one for them. It’s something that should be done in their interest.”

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